for my computing needs i use a samsung galaxy book flex 15. not the most powerful laptop out there but it's good enough and super light. i've installed ableton live, avid sibelius ultimate and guitar pro but i mainly use guitar pro because the ease and the their rse (realistic sound engine) soundbanks are pretty decent

i have a zoom h6, i never use it anymore. i bought a focusrite scarlett 2i2 (thanks ian au) and it's a way better method to record straight to the laptop

the dunlop crybaby is the best wah pedal out there. i tried the morely wah pedal and hated it. the range of wah is weak and sounds more like a tone control

digitech trio+, nope still haven't learned how to use it, nor the singular sound beatbuddy, both collecting dust

i have an almost 30 year old digitech gsp-7 that still rocks but i've moved way from the rackmount type setting

here are my boss pedals. i love boss and roland

boss compression sustainer cs-5 (don't use)
boss digital delay dd-3 (i use)
boss digital reverb dv-5 (i use)
boss turbo distortion ds-2 (the ds-1 i had was weak, i thought this would be a step up but it's a small step up. i may upgrade to a hm-2 or mt-2)
boss super shifter ps-5 (lame, not sure why i bought it but it's lame and no use to me)
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