here's a list of my current guitars

1994 ibanez s540ltd (these were the premium line of ibanez guitars at the time and they only made them in japan). i swapped out the stock pickups for dimarzios (dp151 paf pro, dp110 fs-1, dp151 paf pro f-spaced)

2013 ibanez jem70v (these were the lower end priced premium jem models that were are in indonesia)

2021 charvel pro mod san dimas (wow, the necks on these are super fat and the floyd rose used on these are definitely on the lower end spectrum but still hold the strings in tune. it feels weird going back and forth between this and the ibanezs)

all my guitars are set to the lowest string action possible. i only use ernie ball super slinky strings, standard 9, 11, 16, 24, 32, 42. i either plug straight in or through my line6 relay g55
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